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An Encyclopedic Liquor Collection In Union Square

A tribute to liquor makers and their craft with over 1,000 bottles distilled around the world.

Our Story

History of Gin & Tonic

With technique inspired by Japanese bartender Kazuo Uyeda, the Gin & Tonic originally used quinine from Chincona Bark, which was found to help prevent malaria. With a bitter taste, quinine was mixed with tonic water, sugar, gin and lime to create one of our favorite libations.

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Making of the Manhattan

While many claim to know its true origins, the Manhattan is most commonly said to have been invented at the Manhattan Club in New York in 1874. This cocktail was made for a party thrown by New York socialite, Lady Randolph Churchill, but history has her placed in England at the time. Whatever the true story, this cocktail has cemented its place in history. 

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